Optical illusion sex

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Optical illusions are mind blowing at any age. Either way, optical illusions seem to take us into a trippy dimension. The other fun thing about optical illusions is that sometimes different people see different things. Remember that blue dress that almost broke the internet? Or was it gold? Some saw one colour while others saw another, and some people even saw both.

How dirty is YOUR mind? These 10 optical illusions are not as rude as they look

28 optical illusions that will tell you how dirty your mind is | Metro News

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Optical illusion will tell you how dirty your mind is - what do YOU see?

The mind is a tricky customer, sometimes, one that's a little too obsessed with sex. Are you obsessed with sex? This optical illusion will tell you. It's a simple drawing made up of curved lines and a big pair of dots. The image has been baffling a fair few on the internet recently.
We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. The latest image which has the internet baffled is a simple one, made up of six curved lines and a big pair of dots - but what you think the lines and dots depict might reveal a lot about some of your obsessions.