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The New York Knicks spent the past two years detonating their roster in hopes of snagging one of the big fish namely, LeBron James in the free agent class of They worked tirelessly to clear cap space, willingly taking 60 cents on the dollar for Zach Randolph earned his first All-Star berth in and Jamal Crawford the league's most recent Sixth Man of the Year in exchange for financial freedom in Then they tried to sell James, the league's two-time reigning MVP, on signing for less than a maximum contract in an attempt to entice James, Amar'e Stoudemire, and Joe Johnson to New York this summer. They tried to tell James that New York was the only city that could transform James into a billionaire , promising that he'd become a global brand.

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All-star players have been relegated to complementary roles just because James can play every position on the court. This fact remains that, whatever team he plays for, James is single-handedly responsible for eradicating the spot. Like playing with your back to the basket, Bosh? Too bad, the freight train needs driving lanes.

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In the midst of speculation, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade both announced their decision to sign with the Miami Heat , which drastically affects LeBron's decision. He can go to Miami and sign with the Heat, but the Heat would have to trade Michael Beasley and clear up cap room first. He can return to Cleveland , and play in his home town.
By Zach Braziller. Nothing wrong with that until you get over the hump. He does have a point. Pippen never did that playing next to Jordan.