Wearing anal plug

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Butt Plugs - December 07, Wearing a butt plug can be an exciting prospect, and sometimes you may find yourself wanting to do it more and more. When trying to find out how long you can wear your new best friend, the most obvious place to start is the advice of the manufacturer. They will say something along the lines of:. Start with a few minutes, and as you become more comfortable wear it for longer and longer periods. Do not wear a plug for longer than about hours.

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It is a common concern to worry about how long you can wear a butt plug. It is actually possible to find a butt plug that has a perfect fit for your body. They can be so comfortable that you will want to keep it in for all occasions. Even if you do manage to find a comfortable butt plug, there are some health risks that you will need to consider, and you certainly shouldn't keep it inside of you for hours on end.

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Last week, I answered a reader question about anal sex and hemorrhoids. This week, we'll continue our exploration of the intricacies of anal play by tackling a question about butt-plug usage:. What concerns might there be if one were to use butt plugs over long durations? As in, only removing when necessary? Butt plugs are toys designed to be inserted into the anus and left in place rather than moved in and out with a thrusting motion as one might use a dildo.
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