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Streaming services have revolutionized our lives as TV junkies. This Spanish romantic drama is based on an eponymous novel, following the life of an interracial couple. A lot happens in Palm Trees in the Snow , but the opening scene itself would serve your purpose. Do you love history? Did you enjoy Game of Thrones?

We've Collected 35 of the Hottest Movie Sex Scenes for Your Viewing and Pleasure Needs

50 Best Sex Scenes of All Time - Hottest Erotic Movie Scenes

Do you remember the first time you were sexually excited by an image on a screen? We do! It might've been a music video to a teen-pop bop, or a particularly mushy episode of Buffy. Most likely, it was a movie of the PG persuasion, which you snuck a viewing of far from the eyes of your parents when you were nowhere near the age of

12 Steamy Things to Watch on Netflix With Sex Scenes Better Than Porn

Maybe you heard about it on Twitter or saw people posting about it on TikTok, but for whatever reason, you're now frantically logging into your ex's Netflix account to see what the hype's all about. Considering porn can be, well, icky sometimes, movies and T. Tune into these 35 movies with sex scenes so raw, they should not be watched with or beside parental units.
Skip navigation! Story from Hottest Sex Scenes. Sex scenes, we've seen a few. The first times that seldom bear resemblance to anyone's real first time.