Two guys one jar

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The jar breaks and a lot of blood coming out towards at the end of the video. I like to watch this with my family on Friday nights. I seen the video one guy one jar and want to show my wife. Is it off the air now.?

Opie & Anthony: One Guy, One Jar

1 man 1 jar - SeeGore

Top definition. One of the more disturbing videos goes like this: A naked man is in his kitchen with a glass jar on the floor. He squats over it so the jar goes up his ass. When it finally disappears, it shatters inside his ass. He then calmly proceeds to pick the broken shards of glass out of his profusely bleeding ass instead of calling

1 man 1 jar

A brave man decides anally inserts a jar into himself for an unknown reason, and thus the inevitable occurs. I originally saw It in the theater a couple years ago and have only seen a few times since; still wasn't reviewing back then though plus preparing for the sequel. I don't even know what to say. There was so much wasted potential here. I will say that the cinematography, the location, hold up really well for this film.
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