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India TV has brought on its first major expose, which displays shocking pictures of sadhus from the Swaminarayan temple, asking women devotees to have sex with them. The women in a trance of devotion comply. The camera goes on to capture ruthless exploitation of these women, often with the promise that they would be blessed with children. Says Rajat Sharma, Chairman, India TV, "The CD's unveiling morbid sexual acts in temples in Surat and Rajkot would be telecast on our channel but every effort is being made to ensure that adequate confidentiality is maintained about the identities of the victims. However Sharma states, "Well, all I can say is that previous operations of the kind displaying sadhus in compromising situations are often concocted with the subject being lured or trapped into the act. Here, we just recorded all that was going on.

Lord Swaminarayan on Brahmacharya

India TV reveals expose on sex scandal in Swaminarayan temple - Exchange4media

Once a child reaches a marriageable age, the parents prepare themselves mentally and, more importantly, financially so that they can search for a suitable partner for their child in order to meet their domestic obligation. They keep in mind the societal rules regarding cast, creed, natal chart, and financial and social status of the family. During the 18th century this was very different and quite controversial. A marriage meant an additional member who was to be supported and hence was a burden on the groom ' s family as the bride did not go out to earn and contribute to the family income. Thus a dowry was collected to provide the additional burden resulting from a bride ' s entry into the groom ' s family. During the reign of the Delhi Sultans the worst sufferers were Hindu women as they were on the receiving end of any war, arson, plundering, etc. During these dark days, customs like child-marriage, selection of women from the rest of the society, wearing of the Ghungat veil were all in play.

Women to Comfort and Command Time

Ahmedabad, Feb Police today arrested four persons, including one builder from Surat, in connection with the sex scandal case involving Swaminarayan priests of the Vadtal sect, police sources said here today. Crime branch officials arrested the four persons, three from Surat and one man from Saila town of Surendranagar district, after they were summoned for interrogation yesterday, an official told reporters. With this, the police have arrested eight persons including, a swami Bhatiswarup who belonged to the Junagadh temple of the Vadtal sect, who was one of the priests caught on camera indulging in explicit acts with women, officials added.
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