Sleeping together without sex

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There are a lot of ways to bond with someone, as I recently found out. It was early on in our relationship. So, one night when I stayed over at his house, I fell asleep during a movie and he suggested I spend the night. I was tired and he seemed sincere so I agreed to sleep over. I really liked the guy and felt I could trust him.

It Turns Out Sleeping Together Isn't Just Snuggly and Adorable, It's Physically Good For You

Is it okay to sleep in the same bed as long as you're not going to have sex? - Chastity

It is understandable that a couple would want to lie down together. After all, who would not want to wake up next to their loved one? However, this kind of intimacy belongs only in marriage. To lie down with a woman in bed is marital. But this phrase is used because the marriage bed is reserved for the marital act.

Remember when Melissa's boyfriend J had trouble sleeping with her at first, but now has trouble sleeping without her? Well, there is some science backing up his pattern, and it's great news for couples who love shared snoozefests. According to the Wall Street Journal, the field of sleep study is showing that couples health benefits from sleeping in the same bed , and some scientists believe it may even be a reason that people in relationships tend to live longer and in better health. One study showed that women in long-term relationships fell asleep more quickly and woke up less during the night than single women or those in new relationships. Scientists hypothesize that sleeping together promotes feelings of security and therefore lowers levels of stress hormones and increases oxytocin, the love hormone.
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