Sister wants a baby

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Sign up today for the best stories straight to your inbox. I used to love climbing trees and hanging out with the lads. I used to declare that I never wanted to be a mother and one day when I was nine I told my sissy sister that if I found myself pregnant then I would give her my baby. I had unprotected sex during a drunken holiday with my mates.

Sister wants to sign over birth rights.

Your sister can't afford another baby but wants one anyway, in this week's Prudie Extra.

But now Katie has a personality of her own, Emily wants to play with everything that Katie has but will not let Katie touch a single thing of hers. I work five days a week and find it exhausting. She always wants to get involved. By the end my husband and I are shattered, but we do try to take them for days out. We went to a play centre recently and they had a lovely time.

She’s jealous of her baby sister

Although those things certainly make my heart swell with pride every day. My daughter is a shining example of how far the field of fertility has come. But unlike her friends, she was placed in a glass tube in a freezer while her mum went through chemotherapy and radiation. And while she chilled on ice, I fought, and beat, cancer.
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