Sex therapy clinic

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Sex & Relationship Therapy

Sex and Relationship Therapy Service | Department of Psychology

About 80 couples a year are treated. The waiting list is much too long. Couples wait between three and 10 months to come in for therapy, a far from ideal situation. From a high point in when all but six American medical schools gave at least four hours of sexual medicine lectures, there has been a gradual decline in teaching the topic. Aging directors of hospital or medical school sex clinics retired or died; several scholarly sexual journals ceased publication; and support money became nonexistent.

Sex Therapy 101

Sex therapy is a specialized type of psychotherapy — a general term for treating mental health problems by talking with a mental health professional. Through sex therapy, you can address concerns about sexual function, sexual feelings and intimacy, either in individual therapy or couples or family therapy. Sex therapy can be effective for individuals of any age, gender or sexual orientation. Sex therapy is usually provided by licensed psychologists, social workers, physicians or licensed therapists who have advanced training in issues related to sexual and relationship health.
There are so many different reasons that people may seek counseling. These reasons can vary from person to person and situation to situation. One such reason people may pursue therapy is for help with sexual concerns. For example, one type of sex therapy that people may seek is Family Sex Therapy. It is very understandable wanting your sex life to remain private.