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The Daughters of Aku were a group of seven human-demon hybrid women who were born and raised by their mother, the High Priestess , for the sole purpose of killing Samurai Jack. They are from a cult of the same name dedicated to Aku and appear during the events of Season 5. In Episode C , it was revealed that they were indeed the daughters of Aku with their mother having taken the essence of Aku and birthing them as a result. After Jack and Ashi time-traveled into the past shortly after Aku originally hurled Jack into the future, Jack finally triumphed in destroying Aku. With his demise in the past, Ashi and the rest of her sisters are rendered non-existent and thus were never born.

Daughters of Aku

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The Daughters of Aku are seven human women who work as the assassins of their father Aku and they are major antagonists in the 5th and final season of Samurai Jack. Until six of them were killed, leaving Ashi as the last living sister prior to her erasure from existence after the death of Aku. Born and raised by their mother, the " High Priestess " of Aku's cult , they were trained for the sole purpose of killing Samurai Jack. Being septuplets, they all share very similar physical traits consisting of black hair, slanted eyes, and black latex suits. Their only distinguishing traits amongst each other is their varying hairstyles. When out on their mission, they wear white masks.

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