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Skip navigation! Story from Sex Tips. New York City is notorious for having tiny apartments that end up feeling even smaller through creative faux-construction. One bedroom apartments become two bedroom apartments, two bedrooms become three, and on and on. That's how I ended up sleeping in what's essentially the living room of the one bedroom apartment I share with my best friend. It's doesn't feel too different from a college dorm room.

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For Businesses. Write a Review. Do you try to keep quiet? Do you ask your partner to keep quiet? Do you restrict your sexual activities to certain hours?

Aww! This Roommate Is So Considerate, She Makes Her Sex Noises Sound Like An AC Unit

I live in an apartment with two guys. I share one wall with one of them, and another wall with the other. I have heard sex exactly one time, at around three in the morning — a sort of frantic, animal panting sound that quickly turned into rapid-fire cries of pleasure. The whole thing lasted no more than 10 seconds; I guess she was climaxing.
While shared living comes with many joys, like impromptu kitchen dance parties and split utilities bills, the times you can't help but hear your roommate having sex may make you want to jump into a lake. When you share space with others, you inevitably have to compromise from time to time. But living with others also means finding a balance to make sure everyone feels good and safe in the home, dorm, apartment, castle or whatever other housing structure you share.