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From Saint Maud to The Wicker Man here are some British horror movies that are certain to keep you looking over your shoulder for weeks to come. See the full gallery. Title: Red Hot Riding Hood The characters of the fairy-tale absolutely refuses to do the tale in the same old way.

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The story begins with the standard version of Little Red Riding Hood with the wolf from Dumb-Hounded , the cartoon which saw the debut of Avery's Droopy. The characters rebel at this stale and derivative staging of the story and demand a fresh approach. The annoyed narrator accedes to their demands and starts the story again in a dramatically different arrangement. The story begins again, now told in a contemporary urban setting. The narrator explains that Little Red Riding Hood now portrayed as an adult is an attractive performer in a Hollywood nightclub under the stage name "Red Hot Riding Hood", and the Big Bad Wolf , now a Hollywood swinger, follows Red to the club where she is performing. Red performs onstage a rendition of the classic hit song " Daddy " by Bobby Troup and the wolf goes mad with desire. He brings her to his table and tries wooing her, but she wants nothing to do with him.

She is a fictional singer and dancer who performs in nightclubs. She is also known as Lou and Little Eva. She was portrayed by Sara Berner and speaks in a baby brooklyn type voice. The title character Red was modeled on Bette Davis and her voice and mannerisms was patterned after Katharine Hepburn.
In , the cartoon was ranked in 23rd place of The 50 Greatest Cartoons. At the farmhouse , a wolf voiced by Pinto Colvig reveals himself to the audience , but confesses that he doesn't want to eat Red. He's actually in love with her and wishes to kiss her. After a comical chase around the farmhouse, the wolf catches Red, and both prepare to kiss each other when a telegram arrives for the wolf from his city cousin voiced by Daws Butler impersonating Ronald Colman , inviting him to meet the city's equivalent of his Red the same version seen in Red Hot Riding Hood.