Moaned at least this loud

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Patients and employees were dazed, crying, and moan ing, he said. And before he went over to talk to them, he came over to my office, and he was moan ing and groaning. Malika turned back to Hossein, who was folded up in his chair and moan ing softly. The new fangled metal contraption left their animal wheezing, moan ing, and screeching as only a horse does. When shall we know whether they are dead or alive, whether strong and healthy or moan ing upon a bed in hospital? At length, when the moan ing ceased, he sprang to his feet and ran like a nymph with swift outstretched toes.

Be loud in labour - Will you moan like a cow or roar like a lion?

Be loud in labour - Will you moan like a cow or roar like a lion?

Don't be shy, moaning like a cow or roaring like a lion can make your birth easier and lessen the pain, writes Sarah Tennant. What sound do frogs make? If you answered with a croaky "ribbit, ribbit", here's an interesting factoid for you: Most frogs don't sound like that at all. In fact, various species of frogs can bark, cluck, grunt, chirp and whistle. We think frogs "ribbit" because of one species - the Pacific tree frog - which happens to hang out in California

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You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. In the video, two drivers discuss a street racing accident and the consequences of the choices they've made, along with eyewitnesses adding more depth to the tragedy. At approximately , a man imitates what it was like to hear an injured driver moan shown below.
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