Medical sex play

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Medical Play BDSM Toys including speculums, pinwheels, sounds and more.

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Medical play is a type of role-playing scenario where sexual partners take on the roles of medical professionals and, in most cases, their patients. Typically medical play involves a dominant partner, who plays the role of a medical professional treating their submissive patient. Medical play may be an aspect of medical fetishism or simply a way for a couple to spice up their sex life. Medical play often involves an intimate examination, where the dominant partner performs quasi-medical procedures on the submissive patient. The patient is often restrained, gagged, stripped naked, or dressed in a humiliating costume. The examination may involve handling of the genitals and breasts, or the insertion of objects into various orifices.

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Married couples have all the freedom when it comes to experimenting with different sex fetishes. Now and then, Sandra and I discover something new that we want to try. We have our sex fetishes but sometimes we also experiment. We allow each other to explore our desires and grow sexually.
The unflattering strip lighting, the paper gowns, the cold speculums — no thank you. One section of the BDSM community begs to differ. Gyno-fetishists like to play out the roles of a gynaecologist and patient, performing fake exams using real medical equipment.