Male to male breath control

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A very solid test! There could be more experimantation How about testing the average "point of consiousness"? Will it be better if there's like 30 seconds of air and 5 seconds without? How about extending extending it to 6, 7, His air hose is connected to a valve controlled by a laptop.

Male Total Breath Control

Bound Guys & Breath Control

John Gray used this provocative title for his book to describe the fundamental psychological differences between the sexes. Many other controlled studies and brain scans demonstrate that men and women are physically and mentally different. The purpose of this physiology masterclass is to illustrate how sex-related differences are present in respiratory function and their possible clinical implications. From the 26th to 36th weeks of gestation, female fetuses show a more mature phospholipid profile that reflects the production of surfactant. After birth, female neonates seem to be characterised by higher ratio of large to small airways. They tend to have higher flow rates and specific airway conductance than males.

Bound Guys & Breath Control

In order to have multiple orgasms , without ejaculation, or, in other words, in order to open the way to erotic ecstasy, you should practice sexual continence during lovemaking. This implies that you develop both your capacity for control, and erotic sensitiveness. These methods are efficient according to the perseverance with which you will practice them. There are men endowed with a greater erotic energy and sensibility, as well as with a greater capacity for mental control. Other men, whose erotic sensibility and mental control are less powerful, will probably need to practice for months or even years in order to get to this stage.
Deep breathing is a type of exercise that makes you aware of your breathing so when you inhale take in air through your nose, the breath is long and slow and the air completely fills your lungs. The second part of the exercise is to blow out all of the air from your lungs, nice and slowly. You should see your lower belly rise when you breathe in and lower when you breathe out. Stress, anxiety, anger, fear and other emotions can cause your breathing to become faster than normal. When you are happy and content your breathing is slower, and more regular.