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Clubs are great. The music, the dancing and, of course, the girls. One big problem is not every guy knows how to approach girls, start a conversation and get a girl to follow them home. Before thinking of picking up any girl in a club , you need to know that women have power especially in situations like this and they literally choose who they want to be with. Of course, You choose which girl you to approach, but she chooses who she stays with. What you should also know is that every girl spend hours in front of mirrors, making-up, fixing their hair and looking sexy.

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I've been doing a considerable amount of reading on this board and figured it wouldn't hurt to post some of my own questions and concerns, as well. I am considering a trip to Lagos for my thesis research and am concerned about safety, transportation, accommodation, cultural exchanges, etc. Trishaf22 - I would bet that your friend Catherine would not appreciate her full name and email posted on this very public forum. You should remove it and treat this site with more care. I'm Nigerian, currently living in Victoria, BC with the fam. I'll be objective, nevertheless. You say you have friends in Lagos, will these friends accompany you around the city?

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Lagos, Nigeria and a dating guide for this city then you are where you need to be. While we are not experts on this city by any means we do know some and have put in a bunch of research to learn even more. We expect many of the guys reading this to be tourists or new expats to Nigeria, so at the end of the post we will give some tips for you to enjoy your stay even more. Any time you travel internationally there are going to be some cultural differences, but Africa can take them to the next level.
Nice cosy place. Friendly staff. Some of our orders took a while to come but food was tasty.