L word sex scenes

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You just have to ignore the creepy EZ Girl poltergeist music. Fucking fucking fucking fucking. Shane Shane Shane Shane. Carmen Carmen Carmen. Oh, little Jenny, back when she was a tender-hearted recent MFA graduate stunned by the sapphic energy suddenly sapping her former feelings for long time flame Tim.

The 10 Steamiest and Most Sensual Sex Scenes in ‘The L Word’

- Document - Having it all ways: the tourist, the traveler, and the local in The L Word

How We Ranked Them: I assembled a database of every L Word sex scene that involved queer characters in the main cast, and then invited the Autostraddle TV Team Heather , Kayla , Drew , Natalie and Carmen to assign each scene a score of , as well as offer any commentary they felt compelled to offer. At all!!!!! Tonya is the worst!!! Sucks that it involved her pressuring Lisa into getting a blow job! Okay, ew!

The L Word Top Ten (okay, 15) Best Sex Scenes Of All Time

Abstract: One of the most effective strategies of the lesbian-themed serial drama The L Word has been a double one: to produce sex scenes that ensure appeal for a premium-paying straight audience, while offering specific pleasures for queer viewers "in the know. The First Pool Scene. Busy setting up her writer's studio in the converted garage behind Tim's house, she hears a woman's voice in the backyard next door, remarking "Tina said I could swim here whenever. Another woman pulls her blue floral-print dress over her head.
Sign In. The L Word I — Hide Spoilers. Normal Defined: "L" is a soulful, beautiful pure character drama liquidcelluloid-1 20 March