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Slavery in the modern world is not a new thing. It is very much prevalent in many nations across the globe. But Pakistan has a new form of slavery. In southern Pakistan, Indian Hindu women are treated as property, used as payment for debts, to settle disputes or if a landowner has to penalise a worker. The women are no less than trophies for the men, who even sometimes force them to become prostitutes. Also, a second report estimated at underage Hindu and Christian girls are taken from their homes and are forcefully converted to Islam and married each year.

Women in Pakistan

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Women in Pakistan make up Major General Shahida Malik , attaining the highest military post for a woman. Gender Concerns International reports that the overall women's rights in Pakistan has improved with increasing number of women are educated and literate. However, women in Pakistan face discrimination as result of patriarchal society of Pakistan. Some of the problem faced by women in Pakistan are domestic violence , honour killing , rape and abduction, marital rape , forced marriages , and induced abortions.

Meet Kanwal Ahmed, Pakistani woman who has given a ‘safe space’ to women to talk about taboos

We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Casual dating for women is often frowned upon in Pakistan's male-dominated society. However, dating apps such as Tinder are challenging norms and allowing women to take more control over their sexuality. Faiqa is a year-old entrepreneur in Islamabad, and, like many young single women around the world, she uses dating apps to connect with men.
Women taking to public spaces to express their discontent with the state and society is not unheard of. Each time they come out, and defy the boundaries set for them by the samaj society , it is born out of the pure frustration, and anger that comes from years of being subjected to violence, oppression and objectification in the hands of the state, the army, big corporations, and even within our households — Black Lives Matter was founded by three black women Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi , to start a conversation on police brutality against black women and men, to mainstream media ; the Gulabi Gang Banda, Uttar Pradesh led by Sampat Devi Pal was formed in response to the lack of police support in cases of domestic violence; Saudi Arabia saw the Iammyownguardian movement, which called to abolish the guardian system; and most recently the nationwide protests in India, against the Citizenship Amendment Act CAA and the implementation of the National Register of Citizens NRC. These women face obstacles ridden with complexities and they are aware of it.