Iguana sexing

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It is not absolutely necessary to know the gender of your pet iguana, but it certainly can be useful when you are planning for how to care for your pet. Knowing your iguana's gender can enable you to provide better, gender-specific care for your pet as well as prevent unwanted breeding from occurring if you have multiple iguanas. Your veterinarian can probe your iguana's cloacal vent to determine whether your pet is a boy or a girl. Your veterinarian will be the best person to accurately determine the gender of your iguana, especially if you own a young iguana. Juvenile iguanas are significantly more difficult to correctly sex. If your iguana is less than a year old, a veterinarian will be the only person who can accurately find out your pet's gender.

How Can You Tell a Girl Iguana From a Boy?

Sexing Green Iguanas

Non-invasive sexing needs to wait until the iguana is 8" long snout-vent length svl this is approximately at 12 months of age assuming proper environment and diet from date of purchase or shortly thereafter. Pet stores selling baby iguanas younger than a year of age who tell you what sex they are are, quite simply, lying to you. Iguanas whose overall growth has been severely stunted will continue their sexual development, although it may be delayed. Note that the onset of the first breeding season, occurring at 1. Femoral Pores Femoral pores will have begun to expand on the males, with the whitish keratin plug clearly visible in all of the pores. In females, the pores remain pinpoints except for the first pores immediately adjacent to the vent may be slightly opened. See the Femoral Pores page for drawings and photos.

sexing iguana

It can be very difficult to determine the sex of an iguana until it is at least one year old, and even then, some igs are still hard to sex accurately. Once your ig is about a year old, male sexual characteristics begin to become more prominent. The jowls begin to develop and the femoral pores will begin to enlarge and may develop a waxy substance.
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