Funny sex laws

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PA frowns upon truck drivers having sex in tollbooths, and the state of Utah is cool with bestiality as long as no one's trying to make a buck, that is. The bizarre and specific nature of these laws have us wondering just how — and how often — they are actually enforced. And if there are any Wyoming residents planning on have standing sex in a walk-in meat freezer tonight — make other plans. Anniston, Alabama: If a woman loses a game of pool, it is illegal for her to settle her tab with sex. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: It is illegal to have sex with a truck driver in a tollbooth. Cottonwood, Arizona: Couples having sex in a vehicle with flat wheels will be fined.

These are the world's weirdest sex laws

The Top 10 Strangest Sex Laws Revealed

One would think there's nothing wrong with consensual sex between adults. The lawmakers in these regions, however, think otherwise. These sex laws - some still enforced, mind you - will get a couple of laughs and shocked faces from you. It is illegal for two adult men to have sex in the same house as a third person.

11 Weirdest Sex Laws in America

India can get really crazy when it comes to dealing with sex. Though there are no sex laws as such, there is one thing that is strange in India. Sex before marriage is considered a sin in many sections of the society.
Pick your stat: 57 percent of Americans have had sex outdoors; 14 percent have had a threesome; about 15 percent have had sex with a total of more than 15 partners. Some of these laws are downright strange, while others are just normal enough to make you wonder why they had to be created in the first place. From necrophilia to intercourse with fish, these are some of the most truly weird sex laws out there:. For more on sexuality and taboos, learn about famous incest cases throughout history and the surprising history of prostitution.