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Young women are often told, "you should pee after sex. The purpose of this recommendation is to decrease the likelihood that they will develop a urinary tract infection. So does it work? The answer is probably, but not definitely, yes. Urinary tract infections UTIs are unquestionably associated with sexual intercourse. The more sex someone has, the more likely they are to get a UTI.

Why You Should Always Pee After Sex

Peeing During Sex: What You Should Know

The sudden need to pee while you're in the middle of having sex can be an awkward prospect. So, is it perfectly normal to need to pee at the worst possible time, or should you see a doctor? The urge to urinate during sex is actually a lot more common than you might think. In fact around 60 per cent of women feel the urge to pee during sex,' says Dr Sherry A.

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Peeing during sex is a very common concern. As many as 60 percent of women who have some level of general incontinence experience leakage during sex. Instead they may be experiencing female ejaculation during orgasm.
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