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The length of your finger could provide clues to your sexuality, according to a study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. In women, the index second finger and ring fourth fingers are typically of similar length, while in men there is usually a greater difference between the two shorter index fingers and longer ring fingers. Previous studies have suggested that there may be a link between prenatal hormone levels and differences in finger length, with those exposed to higher levels of the hormone testosterone more likely to have "male-typical hands". In the womb, both males and females are exposed to testosterone.

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Finger length could indicate your sexual orientation, study suggests - Insider

The relationship between finger length and sexuality was only evident, however, in females, according to the report by researchers from the University of Essex, who examined 32 sets of identical twins with different sexual orientations. Typically in women, the index and ring fingers are similar in length, while in men there is a greater difference between the two fingers. While the nonstraight female twins had a lower index-finger-to-ring-finger ratios, the study did not find a significant difference in the male twins' finger-length ratios. The bottom line?

The Length of Your Fingers Could Indicate Your Sexuality

Subscriber Account active since. How we end up as adults is most likely a result of both nature and nurture. Our genes determine certain things, while our upbringing and experiences have their own impact. Sexuality is one of the factors researchers are curious about — why some people are straight and others are gay, bisexual, or asexual.
The digit ratio is the ratio of the lengths of different digits or fingers. The 2D:4D ratio is the most studied digit ratio and is calculated by dividing the length of the index finger of a given hand by the length of the ring finger of the same hand. A number of studies have shown a correlation between the 2D:4D digit ratio and various physical and behavioral traits.