C string sex

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I Actually Wore This Weird Underwear

Urban Dictionary: c-string

Top definition. Kind of like a g-string only more revealing. Piece of women's underwear that consists of a C shaped hence the name semi-flexible band that is very narrow at one end and slightly wider at the other end somewhat like an unbalance hair band. The C-String essentially clamps onto the woman's body with the wide end covering the pubic region just barely and only if she's is very well groomed and the narrow end extending up the crack of the ass. It also eliminates a woman's confidence that her underwear will actually stay on all day long. Carrie wore her C-string with her dress that laced up the side and she was quite a sensation, since she appeared to be going commando. She was an even bigger sensation when she dropped the C-string on the dance floor and had to explain to her date what it was.

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I wore the C-String. I know, I know — you're welcome, ladies. I took one for the team on behalf of women everywhere.
I was left swinging around naked for what felt like forever. The clowns pretended to try and put my shorts back on but never getting past my ankles. When they lowered me to the ground and took the harness off they still not give me the shorts they played piggy in the middle with me making me run after my shorts as they threw them to each other. I then had to climb up thru the crowd still naked to get my clothes. I know why they ask for under ten yrs was because then and I think even now kids under puberty are allowed to be naked in public like swimming etc.