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By Daily Mail Reporter. Threats: Brooke Mueller has apparently threatened to sue over naked pictures of herself. Brooke Mueller is furious after learning a former assistant is reported to be threatening to 'sell naked photographs of her. The ex-wife of Charlie Sheen is promising to sue any outlet that publishes the pictures which are said to be 'unflattering. Sources close to Brooke, 35, told TMZ she 'has promised to file a lawsuit so fast their head will spin.

Brooke Mueller Nude Photos Being Shopped Around, Charlie Sheen’s Ex Vows To Sue Over Naked Pictures

Brooke Mueller -- Naked Photos Being Shopped

Brooke Mueller is very upset that someone obtained naked pictures of her and is threatening to sue anyone who publishes them. Mueller said she thinks a former assistant stole the photos and will take her ex-employee down. The ex of Charlie Sheen said she has a confidentiality agreement signed by the former assistant and will use it to file a suit. Mueller, however, told TMZ that she knows the photos are real, since she took them for an ex-boyfriend who is a Jewish country singer.

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