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What a great day it will be when she delivers her beautiful black son, hope he is only the first of many black babies she has. Pretty soon their dad will have to start buying diapers not just for his new black grandkinds but also for his daughters that wont be able to function properly after the black block party tonight. When the slave knows it has a guaranteed extended period alone at home e. Where whites asked to be trained to be servants to their Black Masters and Mistresses. You will note that each and every one is grateful and content and feels a spiritual awakening. You will note that if they lose their Black Owner they quickly seek a new Black Owner so they can enter back into Black Servitude as quickly as possible.

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Wouldn't it be even more humiliating to surrender your wife to someone who is better than you? The question is, better how? I have seen more cuckold-themed content than I ever needed to and not once did someone fetishize Black men for being intelligent, charming or good conversationalists. Take a look at this couple; they look absolutely perfect together even though the Black man gives no indication of being some gangbanger on parole:.

looking to get my wife blacked

Every time we drove by the black part of our neighborhood, my wife insisted on sitting in the back seat and showing off her tits to all the black men. Provided that a woman fully volunteers for her role in these reparations she would be allowed to use birth control methods if she desired. However, their would be serious consequences for failing to comply with the law and offer her ser vices. In this prison she would be denied any further birth control if she were on any and she would be forced to have sex each day with three black men who get paid to fill her hole with fresh hot seed from their black balls. She will remain in the black breeding prison until tests show that she has been impregnate d.
I want you to look it over and let me know if you feel any changes need to be made and we can talk about making those changes. During this time I commit to obey Master at all times. I swear to carry out all commands and assignments with the exceptions of anything involving blood, excrement, urine, the shaving of any or all bodily hair or anything that may put my life in danger or cause me permanent actual physical or mental harm.