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She is the first human ally of the Ninja Turtles. April made her first appearance in the Mirage comic series in as a computer programmer. She was later portrayed as a strong-willed news reporter in the Turtles' first animated series, as a warrior in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures comic produced by Archie Comics, and various other personas in different TMNT media. In the animated series, April is voiced by Mae Whitman, in which she is her late teens. In film, she has been portrayed by Judith Hoag, Paige Turco, Megan Fox and by Malina Weissman as the younger version of the character in the film. Adult film star turned social media personality who has starred in over adult films.

April O'Neil (actress)

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April O'Neil

April O'Neil born April 7, [2] is an American pornographic actress. Originally from Phoenix , O'Neil started her pornographic film career in after moving to Los Angeles and meeting another actress at a party. Her moniker help branded her as a "hipster porn star" according to LA Weekly. She believed her notoriety stemmed from these posts. When Tumblr began censoring their accounts for adult content, she had an established performing career and moved onto other platforms.
Rise Of The Turtles. She is portrayed as a best friend of the Turtles and the love interest of Donatello , who first met them when when they saved her from the Kraang , who needed the psychic Kraang-like powers she had gained when she was born for their invasion on Earth. She is very sweet, mature, and brave. Her tessen makes her a very skilled almost full-on Kunoichi. My friends and I hang out, play video games and eat Pizza.