Fairy tail natsu outfits

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Fairy Tail members learn, grow, and overcome obstacles together. They wish to protect the smiles of everyone and will fight with all they've got to that end. At the beginning of Fairy Tail , the main members have impressive skills and control in magic. As they encounter increasingly dangerous and life-threatening foes, the members dig deep within their belief and love for Fairy Tail to augment their magic and level-up to defeat their opponent. Whether using magic to equip different clothing or utilizing specially designed outfits for the spirit realm, see which alternate outfit looked the best. When Gajeel and the rest of the Fairy Tail end up in Edolas and meet the Exceeds, he thinks it's his time to recruit a cat to his side, just like Wendy and Natsu.


Fairy Tail: Every Main Characters Best Alternate Look, Ranked

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All of Natsu's outfits (22 and counting)

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