Attack on titan chapter 112

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Obviously, this entire string of narration and dialogue sounds very much like what we have seen from Armin so far in the series. And that brings me to something else. At the time, he had no idea that the one who would be the most open to discussion and an understanding between Eldia and Marley would be her. You can feel it by looking at his expressions and see it in his choice of words. The one that was strong enough to outweigh her sense of duty to that mission. The one that caused her to spare him, to really listen to what he said…despite being enemies.

Shingeki no Kyojin – Chapter 112

Attack on Titan, Chapter - Attack on Titan Manga Online

Niccolo is grilled for information concerning the wine. Meanwhile, the other Yeagerists enter the restaurant, led there by another Marleyan worker. They restrain those present and revealing that they refuse to negotiate with Dot Pixis. They demand that Hange leads them to Zeke. While Gabi sits nervously, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin sit down to talk. Armin questions Eren over attacking Liberio. Eren declares that he chose to do so of his own free will, though Mikasa disagrees, believing that he is being manipulated.

Attack On Titan – Chapter 112

But when he meets prison boy Sergio, everything changes, and he has to contend with a defiance like he has never before seen. Can he break hot Hispanic Sergio. Find out in Corrections. Inmates Overton and Marty make their escape attempt but are soon captured by the Warden and taken back to the prison.
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