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Ashton Ketchum and May Maple has been in relationship for a little over a year, The two hadn't done the deed yet, but as of late there hormones has been raging with two thinking of each other in very sexual ways the two try to tempt their hormones but late one night that changed. Ash was spending the night May's house mostly to keep her company while her parents were away with her little brother May, Anyways Ash was in her bed waiting on her to be done with her shower, He was thinking about her sexual, He tried to throw away his sexual urges, it was working until May exited the bathroom. She looked so hot in her pajamas that she had on, she had on short yellow shirt and some pajamas pants, it was simple but it made Ash go wild about her as he felt his penis kick in his pants. All Ash could do was stare at his beautiful girlfriend, May noticed the staring and she giggled "Why are you staring at me Ash?

Pokemon May Lemons Chapter 6: Beach(AshXMayXSerena), a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

After a horrible breakup with her ex-boyfriend Drew Hayden, May was staying at her best friend Ash's house for a couple of days. After spending the day together, the two friends deiced to go to a local bar so May could forget about Drew, Ash drove them to a local bar, he wouldn't be drinking, so he could take May back to his house. The bartender and got a bottle of Bud Light and gave it to May and May took a sip of it, the alcohol hitting the back of her throat. Ash could see that May's expression saddened and he gave her a sympathetic look "I'm sorry May, I don't know what guy would cheat on a girl like you" Ash said blushing.

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That night Ash and May sat down and had a meal of noodles, May's favourite. They then picked out one of the movies Ash had and watched it. It was a comedy about a trainer and his talking Ditto that got him in to lots of trouble with his girlfriend a simple concept but it made both of them laugh.