Intro to Letterpress Printing

Come learn the unique and exciting art form of letterpress printing! Use moveable type, carvings, and etchings to create impressions using one of our 7 different presses.

Prior to Week One:
Email goes out asking what project folks hope to accomplish during this class, and asking them to brainstorm a few options to choose from. Full copy of the syllabus. Expect to produce at least one edition (size of edition will vary) of 2+ color print using type and/or images.

Some examples include:

  • Cover of a chapbook and bindery techniques
  • One awesome quote (there will not be time or skill enough to typeset your entire book)
  • One short poem
  • Birthday or Thank You cards
  • Post cards (2 sided)


These are just a few examples. Our goal is to help you execute your vision within the time and skill constraints of the four week class.

To learn the basics of letterpress printing, such as; overall design, image production, press operation, color separation, typesetting, paper and ink use.


  • 4-week course begins first week of each scheduled month
  • Wednesday evenings from 6-9 pm
  • Materials included
  • Access to multiple presses
  • Includes 3-month membership


- month
Membership Included

Ready to start learning?