We see Millwood Print Works as the next step in the continued development of greater Spokane’s artistic development. While the visual and literary arts have flourished in recent years, gaining national exposure and recognition, the print arts have lagged somewhat behind. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is that people have very little exposure to the print arts, nor access to its unique and advanced equipment. Millwood Print Works is a space that begins to solve these issues, providing access for working artists to platen letterpresses and screen-printing and classes to the public to help educate new artists and the viewing public.

Our Mission

Educate: To educate a community of print artists in the Greater Spokane region.

Access: To provide access to materials, equipment, and space for print-makers, screen-printers, and other text & print artists.

Build community: Forge awareness of and appreciation for the print arts in the region.

Millwood Print Works will provide Spokane with printing presses/equipment, knowledgeable teachers, opportunities to print and attend classes and a facility in which to do so. Many Spokane residents learn to print or want to but have no venue in which to either continue to grow as an artist or begin the journey. As Spokane continues to grow and cultivate its arts community, it becomes essential to have knowledgeable leaders and ample facilities in the print media.

(left to right) Bethany Taylor, Derek Landers, Thom Caraway